Sunday, February 24, 2013

Before Someone is Killed

To all media, especially to Investigators:
Before someone is killed:
When will you begin to investigate Everett Planned Parenthood, 1509 - 32nd Street, for the killing of our unborn children each Wednesday (surgical abortion)? Is Everett Planned Parenthood safe? What is being done with the unborn human remains - where and how are they disposed? Are the women told of the abortion specifics and how the child will be killed? Following abortion, are women provided proper time for recovery or left to go on their own? What happened to the woman who left Planned Parenthood in the aid car a couple years ago? What are the women told of the development of the unborn child prior to an abortion? Are they allowed to see the ultrasound prior to an abortion? Are the women fully informed about adoption? How much does it cost for a surgical abortion? Does Planned Parenthood perform late-term abortions? How much does a chemical abortion cost? Please tell the local public specifically what happens to the unborn infant during an abortion. Inform the public about what happens to post-abortive women and their difficulty with depression, extreme anxiety, broken relationships, unable to conceive due to damage caused during the abortion.
The above is a story that needs to be told and I pray you will investigate and tell of the damage abortion is causing to our community here in Everett and Western Washington.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

America - How Many Abortions is Enough


Ed Mohs

Planned Parenthood – Marysville Health Center, 10210 State Ave.

Planned Parenthood – Everett, 1509 – 32nd Street

Abortion: the direct killing of the human unborn child before birth.

55 million abortions performed in U.S.A. since January 22, 1973.
Human Life Alliance – 2013 supplement issue documents the following:

American Life League: Planned Parenthood is responsible for killing 300,000 children annually.

-Operation Rescue: 16 abortion related medical emergencies reported between 1/2011 and 10/2012, including 3 in Western Washington:

--Abortion in Washington blog notes medical emergencies: 3/18/2011(Everett); 10/3/2011 (Kenmore); 10/25/2012 (Seattle/Madison).

--Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion chain commits 300,000 abortions per year.

--Live Action: documents Planned Parenthood responsible for covering up sexual abuse of young girls.

Life News: 2/8/2013, Abortion practitioner botched abortion kills 29 year old, 33 weeks pregnant woman, Germantown, Maryland.

SilentNoMoreAwareness: Post Abortive Women report: alcohol and drug abuse, thoughts of suicide, severe regret following abortion, severe bleeding, pain, failed marriages and relationships, emotional numbness, damaged cervix, punctured uterus, unable to conceive again., etc.

Will you help stop abortion at the Marysville Health Center (Planned Parenthood) located at 10210 State Avenue and Everett Planned Parenthood, 1509 - 32nd Street, Everett?  How many more young women will be injured or die?  How many more infants will be killed in Marysville or Everett?  Are the Marysville Health Center and Everett Planned Parenthood safe and clean?


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