Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Desert Dryness of Life

The Desert Dryness of Life leads me to needing Jesus, especially at this time. I keep going. Yet, I know Jesus loves me as He suffered and died, then rose on Easter Sunday morning, which we just celebrated. Lord Jesus, Blessed Mother, St.Joseph, all holy angels and saints in Heaven, please intercede on my behalf. I so desire the richness and fullness of life, joy and grace that being in the state of grace provides. Heal me, Jesus. Help me turn to you again. Help me get to Confession. I love you, Jesus.

Abortion: America's Great Holocaust - Thoughts on this January 22, 2018

Between 58 and 59 million preborn infants have died by abortion in America since the January 22, 1973 - when the U.S. Supreme Court legal...