Sunday, January 26, 2014

Prayer, Politics, Education Revisited

I once wrote a small article: Prayer, Politics, and Education - roads to ending abortion in America and the world. Considering "prayer", a close friend and his wife state: go to Mass and Adoration on a regular basis...kneel before Eucharist...ic Jesus, seeking His Divine Mercy." And, "Be at the abortion place" where babies loose their lives, and parents sacrifice their own children for a multitude of reasons. Personally, I am conflicted in regards to "politics" as we have not had "major" successes; rather, what I call, "baby steps" which by the way - as is in life in general - for the most part. Education: I believe we must continue to educate each other in all venues as possibly human, including those areas that place us "outside our comfort zone.

Blessed Trinity, Holy Mary, Mother of God, all angels and saints, pray for us; move us to true repentance, and action in the holy name of Jesus.
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