Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maverick Blogs: Ending Abortion (now!)

Maverick Bloggers: End Abortion (now)!

It is a privilege and honor to know the authors of two outstanding local blogs in Washington. While you may already follow their blogs, I encourage readers to not only continue supporting them in prayer, but equally important, take action. Ultimately, in order to end abortion now, they seek your active participation.  They write to inspire others to act – in accordance with God’s will; better yet, his command – to love our neighbors, as ourselves, including our preborn children.

I first met Michelle McIntire in fall of 2007.  A visionary, she spoke to our church and invited us to take an active part in the now international 40 Days for Life campaign.  Michelle, and a few other committed volunteers, stepped out in total faith and trust in God, organized and began Everett’s first 40 Days for Life campaign – a campaign of 40 days of prayer, fasting, peaceful vigil, and outreach to end abortion.

The blog, Life of the Party educates, facilitates, and inspires others within the political system to end abortion as quickly as possible. “Life” is paramount; “Life before politics”. This also includes being pro-active on current legislation.

Michelle’s current initiative: locate one key person in each of Washington’s legislative districts to regularly contact local legislators on issues of life and to contribute to the blog.  Life of the Party now has a second author, R. Clayton Strang.  An excellent addition to Life of the Party, Mr. Strang brings an uncompromising sense of urgency in ending abortion today.

Jonathan Bloedow and Mary Emanuel are co-writers for Abortion In Washington. Unapologetic and fearless, since 2004, they ruthlessly investigate and report on Washington’s abortion industry, especially Planned Parenthood, which local media should report, but shamefully do not. 

The abortion industry prides itself claiming abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. While it may be legal, it certainly is not rare and definitely not safe. Within approximately an 18 month timeframe (2011/2012), AIW investigated and reported that three medical emergencies occurred at Planned Parenthood clinics: Kenmore, Seattle, and a 16-year old minor in Everett. Safe, don’t think so…

Abortion In Washington follows Planned Parenthood funding sources like the Medicaid family planning Take Charge program.  Why would a state have a dedicated family planning program (for birth control)? 

Legislation is another aspect of AIW’s blog reporting. Most recently, life (begins) at conception, parental notification, and abortion insurance mandate legislation received high visibility. Speaking of legislation, Jonathan is soliciting pro-life individuals to represent their legislative districts from across the state – to be informed and to build a pro-life network of dedicated persons to regularly contact their local legislators on pro-life bills.  Jonathan and Mary were both active in our Everett 40 Days for Life vigil, kickoff, and closing events.

As an adoptee conceived in rape, active in the pro-life movement since before 1973, I have felt a sense of urgency to continue praying and working for an end to abortion in our midst.  I hope you will continue to follow Life of the Party, Abortion In Washington. I pray the Lord will bless you and your family.

Ed Mohs

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